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I think I'm thinking, therefore, I possibly am

friends only

Hello, I'm Gizmo. I'm still quite new here but it's all starting to make sense - slowly. I'm a bit shy so don't tend to add people - but I'm very friendly, so if you think we have any interests in common (even if we don't) then please feel free to friend me and I'll almost certainly add you back.
If you hadn't already guessed my major fandom is Red Dwarf but I love loads of other comedies too especially Peep Show and Father Ted and I'm a big X Files fan.
I've just become hooked on old hollywood musicals again after seeing a stage production Singin' in the Rain at my local theatre - I'd forgotten how much i loved that movie (and Donald O'Connor, who was my first real crush) as a kid.
I'm in my (early!)30s, married and a full time mum. Apart from that there's not that much more to tell....i guess you need to read my journal to find out more.

friends only

I've been entering a few icon contests recently so I just want to credit Obsidian Dawn the site where most of my brushes come from. I've only got Photoshop Elements 2 to work with so this site is amazing because nearly all the brushes work with my ancient version - highly recommended if you love free photoshop brushes.